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Tumblr genuinely is younger than most other social platforms, and more diverse. A greater proportion of its users are people of colour than on any other major platform. Women users make up a higher percentage than anywhere else bar Pinterest. Teenagers over-index dramatically. And while Pew and other research agencies don’t tend to ask about sexuality or gender identification, LGBT visibility in Tumblr fandom is very high. What looks to dim outsiders as some kind of obsession with “social justice” often just springs from people talking about themselves, their lives and the shit that happens to them.


Just one of many excellent parts in this piece by Tom Ewing (which is only a little bit about Tumblr.)

(The piece is about Marvel fandom, though that’s not apparent from this quote.)

(via velociraptorchan)

This is exactly why people refer to Tumblr in dismissive tones, though. This is no accident. 

"Hysterical", "over-emotional", "irrational" means too many women

"obsessed with social justice" means too many POC, too many LGBTA, too many disabled/chronically ill people. Not just talking about their own lives, talking period, without being immediately silenced.

Makes some folks very uncomfortable.

It’s too blatant to even be a dogwhistle. 

(via rubyvroom)

This is an extremely interesting insight, for me at least. And sheds some light on certain reactions to this blog both from the tumblr platform itself, and from other external websites. I wonder how medievalpoc and ideas about it are affected by overall perceptions about tumblr as a blogging platform, and the way its users are perceived. It lends some context to some of the assumptions people have made about my age, gender, race and *ahem* “relative credibility”.

Personally, I am in love with the interactive elements here.

(via oreides)

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Done by a sushi chef in Tokyo

i love you

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So I went to Dragon*Con a few weeks ago and found a great Snape and Ten cosplaying near each other. It was in the busy section of the vendor fair so I just asked for a picture of them together and ten just said “on a scale of 1-11 how close do you want us?” so I said “uh…12”


Via The Sweet Imperfections of a Hot Mess of a Girl.
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“They wouldn’t call them deadlines if they didn’t kill you in the end.”
And boy did little Loki have one hell of a deadline to meet…

This week especially.



“They wouldn’t call them deadlines if they didn’t kill you in the end.”

And boy did little Loki have one hell of a deadline to meet…

This week especially.

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This is what gamers look like if you put female characters into your games.


This is what gamers look like if you put female characters into your games.

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Digital Baubles: She Wrote It BUT... She Had An Inside Connection



Dude means well. Dude’s tweeting to Marvel in favor of more diversity. Dude states (inaccurately) that Marvel has two women writers — M. Liu and K. DeConnick, the latter being ‘a lady with an inside connection.’

Just like that—fwoosh. Didn’t work my way in. Got in because of who I’m fucking….

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Because things THIS BADASS must be shared with as many people as possible!

Cosplay credits:

Nubia - Jay Justice

Artemis - Ann McManus

Kingdom Come Diana - Natalie Dawn

Wonder Woman - Lihyen Faye

Donna Troy - Cookie Layne

Cheetah - Shemika Berry

Pictures by Wes Barthlow, Bree Smith, Cookie Layne and Vincent Tyson (from FB)

How awesome is this? Every woman a Wonder Woman!

Via DC Women Kicking Ass
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Gloria Steinem [x]

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